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About iPSS inc. Cyber Advisory Services

The implications of a hack, breach or incident on any business can have devasting effects in a multitude of ways. From critical costs to reputational damage, Information Security considerations have been thrusted to the forefront of business strategy, planning, and ongoing operations. Moreover, businesses are being tasked with complying with regulations and standards that call for increasing numbers, types, and levels of proven compliance and reporting.  

The iPSS Cyber Advisory Services team has nearly 20 years of experience providing solutions and services to both large enterprises and small businesses across a wide range of industries. Our team of certified security professionals can develop and execute a strategy that will suit client needs and create a secure and compliant environment for employees and customers. 

iPSS Testing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, iPSS has established the functionality to  discover meaningful vulnerabilities as they impact your organization. With years of experience, we have come to learn and understand the common pitfalls our clients may experience. We have refined our processes and approach to determine  the most effective testing, with the aim to mitigate negative outcomes the results could have on an environment.

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • External Network Penetration Testing
  • Internal Network Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • Active Directory Testing
  • Segmentation Testing
  • Red and Blue Team Exercises
  • Azure Cloud Assessment
  • AWS Cloud Assessment

iPSS provides end-to-end Incident Response and Crisis Management services which enables an organization to proactively prepare for a cyber incident. This will also establish a roadmap of a rapid and thorough Response and Recovery Plan, should an incident occur. Our experienced incident responders will set guidelines for organizations to create this response protocol, including, but not limited to: initial triage, containment, response, as well as scenarios for remediation activities ensuring support every step of the way.

  • Proactive Incident Response
    • Response Plan Review
    • Response Plan Development
    • Incident Management Assessments
    • IR Workshops and Exercises
  • Emergency Incident Response
    • Incident Response Remote/Onsite
    • Incident Coordination
    • Incident Surveillance
    • Ransomware negotiation
  • Proactive Crisis Management:
    • Crisis Framework Development
    • Service Continuity Planning
    • Simulated Stress Testing
  • Active Crisis Response
    • Crisis Communications
    • Crisis Commander
    • Supply Chain Management


iPSS brings our unique, comprehensive, and thorough methodology when conducting any of our numerous Cyber Assessments. As a client, we are committed to the promise you will receive more than a report; you will have world class certified Security practitioners guiding you through the process to ensure your organization is both secure and compliant.

  • Gap Analysis
  • Cybersecurity Audit
  • Security Maturity Assessment
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Dark Web Assessment

iPSS provides a customized Threat Intelligence service for your company, following a thorough holistic assessment which reviews current protection levels, and will also determine potential threats, whether internal or external. Our customized infrastructure has been strategically expanded & honed over the years to gain a unique foothold and a direct line of sight on the activities performed by attackers.

  • Dark web monitoring
  • Credential monitoring
  • Industry intelligence
  • TOR monitoring
  • External threat intelligence
  • Network traffic analysis

iPSS provides a deep dive overview by way of a Digital Forensic Investigation, with support across a wide range of services. Our industry forensic experts will work alongside your IT and Leadership teams to ensure each investigation is conducted in a defensible manner. iPSS has the credentials and industry recognized capabilities to support your organizations’ unique digital forensics needs.

  • Digital forensics investigations
  • Cyber investigations
  • Computer forensics
  • Malware Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Employment & noncompete disputes
  • Intellectual property theft investigations
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Proactive forensic imaging
  • eDiscovery & expert witness services

iPSS offers a wide range of training, workshops (in person and virtual), and simulation services that can be tailored according to your specific needs. Our world class industry certified Instructors have extensive experience teaching and training, and are committed to leading you through the development of a program of assessments, tasks and activities to ensure your organization is set to continually building best practice scenarios into your IT environment.

  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Functional Exercises
  • First Responder Training
  • Briefings and Workshops
  • Cyber War Game Simulation
  • Social Engineering Exercises
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